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Togather.com – Crowdsource Book Tours and Host Author Events

Togather.com is a online fansourcing platform that brings authors and audiences together. You know how difficult and time-consuming it is to book and promote your own speaking engagements. So why not get some help directly from the people who really want to hear you talk? Using an on-demand fansourcing platform, Togather transforms the way authors organize book tours and bring audiences to events.

With Togather.com, every talk, book signing or lecture is sold out before you even leave your home. We use a group-buying mechanism to make sure that your fans commit to attending. It only takes a few clicks to show some author love. And with this commitment from fans, a whole new world of possible events opens to you and your audience. We think that’s exciting.

Venture Slogan: Crowdsource Book Tours and Host Author Events

Venture Link: togather.com

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Zemanta – Enrich your content


Zemanta is an addon extension to enrich your content with the most accurate information from the web. Just paste any text into the box and Zamata searches for images, links, videos, keywords and texts that enrich your post. Zemanta searches and generates the most relevant images, links, tags, and related contents. It’s simple and smart.

Venture Slogan: A revolutionary new platform for accelerating on-line content production for any web user.

Zemanta┬┤s own description: “…Users expect rich content, rich with information revealed through links, images, illustrations, and references. When you think about it, the best Web-ready content is a carefully constructed mashup…”

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