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Shook.co – The Open Auction-House

Shook.co lets you start an auction and have your friends and their social networks compete over it. Social networks today makes it easy to spread the word quickly to your friends. At Shook, you can spread the word out to your friends and find a buyer in just minutes.

Venture Slogan: Content Recommendations Readers Exchange

Venture Link: shook.co

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Jobaphiles – Job auction network



Jobaphiles is an interesting way to search for a job or hire talent. It´s an auction job site aiming to connecting job searchers with talent seekers. Jobaphiles is an easy way to connect with a community of students, errand runners, and freelancers to perform your job. Great idea.

Venture Slogan: Help you can afford. Jobs you can do.

Jobaphiles’s own description: “…Jobaphiles is here to provide people with a means of outsourcing their work, in a way that saves them time and money; in addition, our goal is to offer college students a way to pay for the high-costs of their education…”

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