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Yoom.de – Tenants Marketplace

Yoom.de - Tenants Marketplace


Yoom.de is an innovative marketplace that connects tenants and landlords in an efficient way. Yoom.de trys to diminish the market inefficiency informing prices and demand.

Venture Slogan: The marketplace for tenants.

Yoom.de’s own description: “…Yoom.de enables current and new tenants, landlords and asset / facility managers to efficiently execute the tenant changing process without involving real estate agents, whilst at the same time providing an economic benefit for all parties by revolutionising the value chain…”

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Perfios – Tracking your personal finance



Perfios is a web solution that helps you keep an eye on your personal finance. You can track all your transactions across different financial accounts to provide a view of your finance. With Perfios you can manage bank accounts, credit cards, mutual funds and equity in multiple institutions.

Venture Slogan: Perfios.

Perfios’s own description: “…Perfios’s MyFinance application can quickly provide a 360 degree view of your personal financial health. Keep track of all your personal finance transactions across various financial accounts…”

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