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Sent.ly – Local phones. Global Reach.

Sent.ly lets merchants set up a localized SMS gateway on their Android phones. Setting up a Sent.ly account to sending the first SMS using the simple HTTP API takes less than 5 minutes. Sent.ly also allows for SMS replies that can be handled automagically – allowing for full customer interactivity. Expanding operations – no sweat, just add more phones as needed, and Sent.ly scales up.”

Small-scale e-commerce operators have not had a reliable and scalable means of interacting with their customer base. SMS is the medium of choice given the “greater-than-100%” mobile penetration everywhere in the world. Existing solutions involve using SMS gateway providers, but these usually come with set usage quotas and are specific to a country / region. These solutions need to be re-worked when operations expand to other countries and do not provide SMS local reply capability without minimum usage quotas.

Venture Slogan: Local phones. Global Reach.

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Trigger.io – Mobile Engine for Web Devs

Trigger.io is simplest way for web developers to build native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps using HTML5. Is a development framework which enables you to create native apps for multiple platforms from a single HTML5 codebase.

It consists of a common JavaScript API that exposes native functionality such as the Camera, SMS, Contacts, along with a set of tools and cloud build service to build your app for each platform that you want to support.

Apps created using trigger.io framework are native: they can use native features and can be submitted to galleries such as the App Stores and Google Play.

Your HTML5 code runs inside our native wrapper. The native wrapper consists of: Native UI components such as the topbar and tabbar
Implementations of native features such Camera, SMS and Contacts
A bridge between JavaScript and native so that your JavaScript code can call Forge APIs to control native features.

Venture Slogan: Mobile Engine for Web Devs

Venture Link: trigger.io

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