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YouCalc – Custom analytic reports from SaaS systems



YouCalc hepls you to understand your data through a ready to use app that you can connect to your SaaS system. You can use it with any on-demand system and analize your information and data instantly. YouCalc has an interesting way to show the information with a great design. You can run it in iGoogle, SalesForce, Intranets and iPhones.

Venture Slogan: On demand analytics apps

YouCalc´s own description: “…Youcalc let’s you create and share custom reports and analytics on data from SaaS systems – zero coding required!

A library of analytics apps for CRM, sales, marketing, service/support and project management, and live data connection to a growing number of SaaS systems (Salesforce.com, Basecamp, AdWords, Google Analytics, Highrise CRM, MailChimp, etc)…”

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