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LabSlice.com – Distribute Virtual Demos at the Click of a Button

Labslice.com allows you to create demos stored in the cloud that you can easily share. Deploy either thick or thin client applications that your customers can load, tweak and play with in just a matter of minutes.

Labslice.com can increase the effectiveness of your sales team by enabling them to share product demos, evaluations and POCs with prospective customers. Satisfy customers by giving them direct, hands-on access to your product as part of your sales pitch. LabSlice is the only tool that can give your sales team an advantage by allowing customers to fully interact with your product.

Venture Slogan: Distribute Virtual Demos at the Click of a Button

Venture Link: labslice.com

Source: Venturebin.com

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StorageRoomApp.com – JSON-based Content Management for Web & Mobile Applications


StorageRoomApp.com is a central hub for content in the cloud. An administrator configures the required content types and editors manage the content. Developers use the RESTful API to display the content in web & mobile applications on any platform (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 or even JavaScript).

Content can also be exported from StorageRoom and distributed with the application itself for offline access and seamless synchronization.

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