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Survs is a site that allows you to develop online surveys. It´s a collaborative application that helps you and your organization build, deploy and analyze online surveys. You can develop your survey with others and you can assign them different usage profiles.

Venture Slogan: Asking for you.

Survs’s own description: “…Survs is a collaborative tool that allows you to build, deploy and analyze online surveys…”

“…It is collaborative in the sense that you can cooperate with your teammates through the journey of building, deploying and analyzing your surveys. You can even share your surveys results, templates and themes online. Being a web application, no special software is needed. As long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser you can access Survs wherever you are…”

“…Survs was developed in a user-centric fashion, with the goal of providing you a great user experience, It is a collaborative application, meaning that you can share your account with others and assign them different usage profiles, It will have a very competitive pricing…”



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