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Straight Up English is a web service aiming at helping those interesting in learning English. It´s a solution for all those who want to learn English as their second language. StraightUpEnglish hepls to improve comprehension and production in areas as word stress, intonation, and pronunciation.

Venture Slogan: Taking you in the right direction!.

StraightUpEnglish’s own description: “…Straight Up English is an innovative English language learning software-as-a-service company. We solve the most persistent speech challenges for non-native speakers of English, helping them improve

comprehension and production in areas such as word stress, intonation, and pronunciation. We apply linguistic and education research-based methodologies, enable advanced pitch line technology for feedback and self-correction, and have a consumer-oriented, intuitive interface…”

“…Our market advantage is our deep focus on oral communication skills unique to English and our multi-modal approach. We are creating web and mobile applications, as well as English as a second language learner and teacher communities to build brand awareness and marketing channels for our products. Straight Up is where learners of English want to go!…”



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