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Storytlr is an application that helps you concentrate all your online information and data in one place. It´s a simple and great app that in only a few steps, allow you to unify your Twitter messages, Flickr photos, Qik videos, YouTube videos and all your 2.0 life in one place. Don´t lose your data and keep it in one place to be able to share when you wish.

Venture Slogan: Your life online.

Storytlr’s own description: “…Storytlr brings a platform to build the centralized you, and it is really about you, not about us. In just a few simple steps you can update your status, share a song you liked, give your opinion or link to an interesting site….”

“…We needed a way to easily archive our online data and even back it up. In Storytlr, you own your data, you can download all of it whenever you want. Of course, it would be even be better if Storytlr was an open source platform so all this data is where you want it to be…”

“…Finally we realized that our flow of Twitter messages, Flickr photos, Qik videos were in fact telling a story, the story of our daily lives, and that sometimes we wanted to repackage this story in a nice format (beyond a photo album) to share it with friends. So we decided to make it really easy to mashup all these activities into a compelling story that is easy to share…”



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