– JSON-based Content Management for Web & Mobile Applications is a central hub for content in the cloud. An administrator configures the required content types and editors manage the content. Developers use the RESTful API to display the content in web & mobile applications on any platform (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 or even JavaScript).

Content can also be exported from StorageRoom and distributed with the application itself for offline access and seamless synchronization.

Our vision is a world where mobile developers on all platforms can focus on their client side code and use our SDKs without the need to develop, deploy, or maintain their own server-side stack.

Content editors will have a self-explanatory and easy-to-use interface to manage content for mobile applications, instead of an unusable interface that was thrown together in a couple of days.

Content is fetched through dynamic on-demand queries by the application or synchronized to an offline data store on the device.

Venture Slogan: JSON-based Content Management for Web & Mobile Applications.

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