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Startpr is a web solution to monitor and track what is being said about you, your product or your service over the Internet. It´s a software and a service tool that searches sources like Twitter’s Search, Google’s Blog Search, Technorati, and WordPress to understatand what is going on out there. Keep up to date with the conversations about your company.

Venture Slogan: Social media relations.

Startpr´s own description: “…StartPR is a web based social media monitoring service. Every day millions of people around the world are talking to each other about your products and services. StartPR makes it super easy to see who is talking about you, what they are saying, and then manage the conversation with them…”

“…StartPR scours through a number of different sources, such as Twitter’s Search, Google’s Blog Search, Technorati, and WordPress to find as many possible mentions of your company as possible. We then process all the information, eliminating duplicates, and present it to you in an easy to digest format…”

“…StartPR is a “software as a service” (SAAS) offering that means there is nothing for you to install. There are no servers for you to setup. There is only one thing you need, and if you are reading this, you likely already have it: your web browser. By hosting the software ourselves, we can push continuous feature upgrades and enhancements without requiring your IT department’s time…”



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