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SprinklePenny is a solution to give money to your favorite sites. If you decide to support a site just sign in and specify the site you want to support and how much money you are ready to give it. In reward for your support, the site adds a badge thanking you. You can decide how much money you want to give to your favorite site (generally $5). If you own a site, you can join the SprinklePenny network to recieve support.

Venture Slogan: For the sites you love.

SprinklePenny’s own description: “…Sprinklepenny enables you to support your favourite sites with tiny payments. You decide how much to spend per month – typically $5 – and we then distribute this to your favourite sites. When you visit a site, you’ll see a badge thanking you for your support…”

“…See where your money is going. You decide how much to give and see which sites are receiving how much. Simple & effortless Supporting a site is effortless and you won’t need to click any buttons. Totally secure. We take security seriously and never share your details with anyone…”



Venture link: sprinklepenny.com

Source: Feedmyapp

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