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Spidvid is a site aiming at generating a social platform to develop social video creation. It’s objective is to connect different performers in the video business to develop the next way to shoot and perform video creations. Spidvid’s platform probides the process to respect the accountability of individuals to compensate for time and talent they invest in the project.

Venture Slogan: Empowering collaborative web video creations.

Spidvid’s own description: “…Spidvid is a social platform that empowers video creators and professionals to connect, form video production teams, collaborate on projects, distribute content, and automatically give credit and compensation back to each team member involved.

“…We are a team of passionate individuals focused on creating a social movement based around individuals forming their own production teams, or individuals becoming a member of these teams.The most important aspect of creating quality video content is having the right combination of talented individuals to work and collaborate with. Our goal is providing the best possible framework and tools we can to make this possible…”

“…For video viewers who are not interested in creating or producing video content, we have created a feature where ideas can be submitted, wiki-edited, rated, and are ranked according to their overall popularity as voted on by Spidvid’s community…”



Venture link: spidvid.com
Source: Web2.0

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One thought on “Spidvid – Collaborative video creation

  1. Appreciate the review for our new video collaboration site.

    If you are a video production student, semi-pro, or pro, I invite you to visit our site and join our community.

    We will start sending out invitations in a couple of weeks.

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