Socialping – Monitor your brand on Twitter

monitor your brand on twitter

Socialping is an interesting web service that helps you track your brand or yourself on Twitter. Gets updates in real time and Know what people are saying about you.

Venture Slogan: Serious Twitter monitoring, for serious people and serious companies.

Socialping’s own description: “…Monitor your brand. Monitor you. In as real as real time can get. Socialping tracks anything and everything you want on Twitter. Instantly know when the world is talking about you or your product….”

“…Know instantly, constantly. We ping fast, and we ping like there’s no tomorrow. Socialping pings you within seconds when one of your watchlist items is mentioned, and we’ll tell you via whatever medium you love, whether it be email, instant message, SMS, Twitter DM, or even iPhone push (oh, or a combination of ’em). Respond. Interact. Knowing is only half the battle. Actually interacting is the victory. Respond and interact with those who are talking about you directly within Socialping. You can even respond to the initial notification, whether it be via SMS, instant message, or Socialping Mobile (for iPhone) – and never have to log into anything or stop what you’re doing. It’s a beautiful thing…”

monitor your brand on twitter

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