Smartupz – CRM on the cloud

CRM on the cloud

Smartupz is a new CRM cloud service. You can install the service and run your business in minutes. Track your business performance on the go.

Venture Slogan: Never install software again. Be smart.

Smartupz’s own description: “…Start Selling Services Online in 3Min. The Fastest Way to Get Your Sales Team Closer to Your Customers and Partners. The Most Elegant Way to Control Your Business…”

“…An Entirely New Way of Building Business Website. Do it yourself in 5 minutes. We will help you keep your social profiles in one place so your business will be easier to locate on the Web. Collect Customer Requests Directly from Your Existing WebSite. Does you current web form send you an email with a customer’s request? Improve visibility of who in your team answered to that lead, what was sent and find out how the whole exchange of information ended. Get Automated Reports – Track Your Business Performance. From Internet leads to closed deals we can show you how effective your company is. If you want to improve your sales process you must start to measure it…”

CRM on the cloud

CRM on the cloud

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