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Slickplan is a web based solution aiming at helping you create sitemaps easily. It´s a simple application with an only objective in mind: to develop a nice and professional sitemap or flowchart. When you finish your project, you can get the HTML code or download it to PDF format.

Venture Slogan: Create beautiful sitemaps and flowcharts for free.

Slickplan’s Own description: “…SlickPlan is a web-based sitemap/flowchart generator that allows for the creation of free sitemap and flowchart design. SlickPlan was handcrafted with PHP/MySQL and jQuery by the Dayton website design team at Atomic Interactive…”

“…SlickPlan lets you create free flowcharts and sitemaps quickly and easily. Unlike other software programs, SlickPlan has only one purpose – to create beautiful, functional sitemaps and flowcharts…”

“…Slick Plan was developed with the web designer and developer in mind, but it can be used by anyone who needs a quick and professional sitemap or flowchart for their planning project…”



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