Skyzop – Earning from your Web Activity


Skyzop is a 100% free service that allows anyone to earn money from their regular online activities, and there are almost no restrictions on who can use SkyZop to earn.

Venture Slogan: Everyone has something to Zop!

Skyzop’s own description: “…Whether it’s shrinking URLs, uploading pictures or videos, posting on Twitter, communicating with friends on Myspace, and Facebook, or creating a personal blog, everyone can now earn cash from their regular online activities with SkyZop’s innovative technology. SkyZop is fully integrated with Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Buzz, and more than 50 popular social networks therefore enabling users to share their links with ease…”

“…SkyZop users can craft their own short domain names to point to all links, and will benefit from the additional transparency with custom short Domains powered by SkyZop. Seeing a domain like conveys the destination site before the link is even clicked. Companies will also be able to take branding to a whole new level with the option to add unlimited domains to promote various aspects of their business…”


Venture Link: Skyzop

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