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Siteslike is a social solution to find and share similar sites over the internet. With Sitelike you can search by tag or by URL site. Sitelike is a site that grows with the community, you can send sites and vote for other sites. Links with negative votes are deleted from the site. Also, Sitelike is monitoring to find new tags, related sites, broken links, spam or bad sites.

Venture slogan: Find, tag, rate and share similar sites.

Siteslike´s own description: “…SitesLike is a free service that allows you to find, tag, rate and share websites that are similar to each other. The websites listed on SitesLike are constantly monitored so the content is always fresh and up to date…”

“…SitesLike takes a different approach from what you have seen up until now. We think that it is extremely important that the results are relevant and that it is safe to click on a link. SitesLike is a democracy, meaning that you decide which sites are most similar to another and which are not. Links with negative votes are then deleted or even banned depending on the result of your reports and our own in house developed tools…”



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