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Silentale is an application that helps you consolidate your communications, conversations and contacts from different devices and platforms. Keep track of your comunications no matter in which platform you started it. Silentale consolidates your digital life (mail, social networks, mobile) and brings you the possibility of following all the conversations without feeling at a loss.

Venture Slogan: Connect your conversations.

Silentale´s own descrition: “..Consolidate your contacts and conversations from multiple platforms, including webmails, social networks and mobiles. Store it all in the Cloud and access it anytime, anywhere…”

“…Silentale makes your digital life easier by bringing your contacts, conversations, messages and attachments to your fingertips. Silentale is a new way to keep track of who you know and the conversations you have, no matter how or where you communicate. Whether you start a conversation on email, continue on Twitter and finish with a SMS, Silentale automatically captures, stores and indexes all your messages, including the contact details and attachments. We provide a simple interface and tools for you to find, retrieve and manage this information, in your browser, on your desktop or your mobile…”

“…The philosophy behind Silentale is simple: with the rise of social networks and mobile internet, the number of communication channels is exploding. Today, almost anybody can be reached through two or three email addresses, social platforms, instant messaging, micro-blogging, text and SMS. It becomes exhausting to try and follow all these fragmented conversations…”



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