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Buying Reviews

Buying Reviews

Shopsocially is a service that helps you share and ask about your purchases with the community. It´s a social channel to interact, ask and comment about your last buys. Shopsocial is the way to count on more info before you buy.

Venture Slogan: Where Friends Help Friends Shop.

Shopsocially’s own description: “…ShopSocially concept is based on two simple observations: Before we buy something, we tend to consult our friends who have bought a similar product: After we buy something interesting, we like to share that with our friends to get their comments and reactions. So we thought what if there were an easy and fun way for everyone to share their purchases with friends? That way before you make a purchase, you can lookup friends that have bought a similar product. Or after you buy something, you can share your purchase with your friends and family around the world and get their comments…”

“…ShopSocially makes it easy and fun to give and get shopping help from friends. Imagine being able to get recommendation from a friend whenever you want to buy something. Ask friends a shopping question. Benefit from their research, experience and trusted advice. Share your purchase information with friends. You’ll get to see their comments, they’ll know who to ask for help. Connecting with Facebook eliminates the need for you to create yet another login account. It also makes it easier to find your friends at ShopSocially…”

 Buying Reviews

Buying Reviews

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