Shoply – Start your e-commerce site

start your e-commerce site

start your e-commerce site

Shoply is a simple solution that helps you open your e-commerce site easily. It´s an easy and cheap solution with no setup costs, no listing fees and no contracts. Shoply is your solution if you want to start selling on the fly.

Venture Slogan: The easiest way to sell.

Shoply’s own description: “…Our goal with shoply is to empower and inspire you to open your own online shop. We know in the past people were scared to get going because opening an online shop was expensive and complicated. It took lots of time and money as well as knowledge of servers, hosting and other things just as yucky. You could always opt for ebay, but just like us, you know that ebay sucks ass big-time. It’s slow, bloated, kinda ugly, expensive and a real pain to use…”

“…We started from the point of, ‘how can we make opening and running an online shop as easy, cheap and friction free as possible?’. We knew part of the answer relied on technology and shopping software but a lot of it relied on other aspects such as empowerment and inspiration. We began to build up a list of must have features such as, secure checkout, easy product upload form etc, nice to have features such as, inventory tracking, newsletter functionality etc and must NOT have’s such as, slowness, complexity etc…”

“…Opening a shop on shoply is completely free to get up and running. No setup costs, No listing fees. No contracts, No commitments. Shoply is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to open a shop and start selling online…”

start your e-commerce site

start your e-commerce site

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