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JustBoughtIt is an application to share your shopping deals based on the twitter platform in your town. It´s common to buy things by the recommendation of others, JustBoughIt helps you send pictures and tweets to tell everybody where and how much your shopping cost.

Venture Slogan: Crowd powered shopping

JustBoughtIt´s own description: “…JustBought.it is a location-based social shopping app that allows you to share photos and tweets on amazing finds as you stumble upon them…”

“…Go shopping and discover where the hottest deals are in town and get instant feedback from your twitter community!..”

“…is a twitter based social shopping app that lets you to discover real-time deals and recommendations from your friends and followers. It’s location based to make sure you get the most refined shopping deals. We wanted an app that allowed shoppers to quickly scan where the best deals were in town and to get instant feedback from the community. In short, we wanted to utilize the power of peer-to-peer credibility from the social web…”



Venture link: justbought.it

Source: Mashable

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