Setjam – The TV shows and movies search engine


Setjam is a solution to search and find TV shows and Movies to watch legally. It’s a site that aggregates information from multiple sources and gives you the possibility of finding the TV show that you are willing to see.

Venture Slogan: Setjam.

Setjam´s own description: “…SetJam gives you access to every TV Shows and Movie. Find your favorite shows. Save them to your queue. Watch whenever you want…”

“…Our Team started SetJam in response to the ever growing number of legally available TV shows and movies scattered across the web, and the increasing demand of millions of people to watch whatever they want, whenever and however they want it. Our first product is an easy to use, specialized search engine that helps take, what is collectively the largest library of full-length TV shows and movies in the world, one step closer to becoming as easy to watch as traditional TV…”


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