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Seatgeek is an interesting application that forecasts the price of tickets for events or concerts to buy them at the most convenient moment. In this way, if the price is going up it´s time to buy. Seatgeek is a free tool to save you money when you want to buy a ticket.

Venture Slogan: Buy tickets when they are cheapest.

Seatgeek´s own description: “…SeatGeek forecasts the price of sports or concert tickets. So before buying tickets to an event, you can check SeatGeek for a price forecast. If the price is going up, you’ll want to buy your tickets right away. SeatGeek makes that easy by pulling together the best deals we find from the biggest ticket online ticket markets. If the price is going down, you may want to wait to buy till the price reaches rock-bottom. SeatGeek makes this simple–just sign up for an email alert, and we’ll send you an email when it’s the best time to buy. Easy, huh…”

“…SeatGeek is a free tool that saves you money. By telling you when prices are lowest, we make it cheaper for you to go to games and concerts. We hope you like it, let us know what you think!..”

“…SeatGeek has built a database of millions of historical ticket transactions. We crunch all this data in an algorithm, which spits out price forecasts. For each sale, we also consider other factors that influence whether prices go up or down. For example, for baseball tickets, we take into account things like the team’s records, whether the teams are in a playoff race, the weather, the venue, the price of the seat, the pitchers, and many, many other factors…”



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