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Scri­f­ is a text-pub­lish­ing web­site. It’s a tool made to pub­lish any kind of writ­ten work on the web; from es­says to short nov­els, from recipes to how-tos, etc. It’s free and open to ev­ery­one. Its de­sign is in­flu­enced by min­i­mal­ism.

On Scri­f­, you can cre­ate drafts and spend the time you need to write them. When you feel like it’s ready, you can pub­lish them to share them to the world. Af­ter­wards, you can mod­i­fy them. And when you think the changes are ready, you can pub­lish them. You can do it again and again.

You’re in con­trol. Scri­f­ stores your drafts and your pub­lished works for you. You can ac­cess them from any web-con­nect­ed de­vice. You can de­stroy your com­put­er with­out los­ing your drafts and pub­lished items. (But Scri­f­fon won’t re­place your com­put­er.

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