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Rummble is an application that helps you to share and discover points of interest nearby you love. It´s a service and platform that gives you useful information about places and sites that you can enfoy. Rummble understands the context including real time data from Twitter and othe sources to give you most accurate information.

Venture Slogan: For people and places you love.

Rummble´s own description: “…Rummble’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to find stuff nearby you like…”

“…Rummble makes it easier to share & discover places and points of interest nearby you love. Rummble is a service and platform all about the long tail of points of interest – the useful nuggets of info about the physical world we all have in our heads: e.g. the best picnic site, dog walk, kite surfing beach, vista of a city…As users interact with the service to share & discover content, Rummble understands the context of their search including real-time data from Twitter and other sources. We have combined the technologies of local search and social discovery into one service to provide personalised recommendations…”


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