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Rootein is a simple application that helps you generate habits and follow up your progress. You just need to set up the habit in the calendar, then Rootein sends you the reminders. With Rootein you can track your improvement to turn an action into a habit.

Venture Slogan:
Self improvements. Simplifies.

Rootein´s own description: “…Rootein lets you define habits and track progress as you go along. Mark the calendar everyday you get up early or hit the gym. Receive reminders so you can never say “I forgot”. Get an instant picture of how you’ve been doing…”

“…Do it once and feel good. Do it 21 days in a row and it becomes a habit. That thought is the inspiration behind Rootein which is designed to keep you motivated as you work up your Rooteins…”

“…The calendar that makes it simple to track your progress, the daily reminders, and the slack detector, which will gently nudge you if it finds you go missing too many days in a row, are all designed to make the serious task of building habits fun enough so you never lose interest…”


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