Rentcycle – Online rental solution


Rentcycle is a platform aiming at helping you find every kind of goods for temporary use. You can discover, compare and rent online physical goods. Rentcycle is a marketplace to connect consumers with a community of rental businesses.

Venture Slogan: Reduce, reuse, rent.

Rentcycle’s description: “…Rentcycle is the online rental solution where you can discover, compare and reserve goods for temporary use…”

“…Rentcycle lets you discover, compare and book goods for rent online. we promote renting as a viable form of commerce by helping people discover all the things they don’t have to own. Rentcycle connects consumers with a community of over 30,000 rental businesses in the first online marketplace purely for rental goods…”

“…Rentcycle is free for consumers to use. we make money through commission and promotional fees, both paid by the rental businesses. each rental business gets a listing in the rentcycle marketplace with free access to our reservation and inventory management tools. for converting an online lead into an online sale, rentcycle takes 10% of the transaction cost. rentcycle gets no commission until a reservation is made…”


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