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Re-ticket is a site for online auction of unused travel tickets. If you want to sell an unused ticket just post it in re-ticlek with your required price. The site is not only prepared for individuals but also for travel agencies.

Venture slogan: Re-Ticket.

Re-Ticket’s own description: “… is an online marketplace for tickets. Passengers, tour operators and transport companies are making use of this new opportunity from In most cases passengers offer their tickets because they are unable to travel on the selected dates of their tickets. And travel companies (such as tour operators or airline companies) offer tickets when they have seats left(over) on various routesĀ on certain days…

“…We help both parties (passengers and travel agents) by offering a trade-platform to sell and purchase their tickets via a auction system. is a marketing platform and does not function as a travel agent or tour operator, we do not sell tickets ourselves…”

“…Also, we help passengers with a plane ticket to refund their airport taxes and surcharges when they are unable to take their flight…”



Venture link: Re-Ticket

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