Rapidmaniac – Search in file sharing sites


Rapidmaniac is a site that aggregates information from different file sharing sites. You can search for files shared in file sharing sites and find what are you looking for. Just type the term and downlad the most appropriate file.

Venture Slogan: Rapidmaniac.

Rapidmaniac’s own description: “…What file sharing sites do you support? Currently we support rapidshare.com only. But are working hard to let you search for files on uploading.com, Megaupload.com etc…”

“…What should I do to use your site? No registration, no fees – absolutely nothing. Just type in a search term and download the most appropriate file. Where do you get all those file information? Our database is daily harvested by our crawlers at free access internet resources such as blogs, forums, etc…”


Venture Link: rapidmaniac.com


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