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Puresolo is a great solution that helps you to download a well-known track and record your own version. It´s a marketplace in which you can find songs with lyrics, music sheets and tracks played by a musician. Then, you can share your own version with the community.

Venture Slogan: That’s me you are hearing.

Puresolo’s own description: “…PureSolo is an online music store which lets you record your own, personal versions of well-known tracks to own, keep and share. Only PureSolo allows you to record and own your music like this.

Each downloaded track comes complete with lyrics or sheet music, together with a backing track played by high quality session musicians. For the first time you can now download lyrics, sheet music and backing track, all in one single file, which then allows you to record your own version and share it with the world…”

“…All you have to do is install the FREE PureSolo Plugin and within minutes you can be recording yourself singing or playing with professional backing musicians to your favourite tracks. Plugin installs in minutes. Each track then costs between £0.49 and £1.99 to download. Unparalleled value: you can re-record and create as many versions as you like of each downloaded track We have a catalogue of over 20,000 tracks to choose from, across 35 genres and 19 instruments. If karaoke is your thing, PureSolo offers over 1,500 tracks in our Karaoke Store – all for 99…”



Venture Link: puresolo.com

Source: Startupwizz

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