– The open survey database is a solution aiming at helping develop open surveys around the word. It´s an application that gives you the possibility of sharing a question to be responded by the community. Also, gives you statistics about all the questions posted in the site.

Venture Slogan: Open database of statistics filling up with voluntary users from around the world.’s own description: “…1. We have Internet now! So let’s ask for these and other questions to people from the whole world! This way we hope to collect statistics that have never existed before, or that have been unreachable before Which people get ill more rarely than others? or Which people consider themselves more happy?…”

“…2. Having the sets of answers for different questions from many anonymous users, we could try to find out another life aspects of people who get ill more rarely, for example, or consider themselves more happy. This way we could try to suggest the recipe of “how to become more healthy or happy”…”

“…3. is a world wide service. Internet users from different countries can take part in questionnaires. Only Internet users, unfortunately, but the rate of them grows up! You can treat as the global Internet users statistics if you want to be more precise…”

“…Anyway, we don’t distort statistics for one or another facts favour. Thus can pretend to be an alternative source of statistical information. 4. Economical aspects of That which is created by people should belong to the people. So all the statistical information is provided to the people for free. We hope to cover service costs with advertisements…”



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