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Politwitter.ca is a Twitter stream aggregator about Canadian political information. It´s an interesting idea to develop other services with the same concept. With Politwitter.ca you can track tweets by partisan party affiliation, province, MPs and more

Venture Slogan: Canadian Political Tweets.

Politwitter.ca’s own description: “…poliTwitter.ca is a fun new way to utilize twitter to stay on top of the latest in Canadian politics. From one easy location keep track of what your politicians are saying and doing and what regular Canadians have to say about current politics…”

“…poliTwitter does the searching for you maintaining a detailed list of politicians on twitter and political hash tags . You can view tweets narrowed down by partisan party affiliation, province, MPs and more…”

“…poliTwitter is a non-partisan service that strives to connect elected MPs & MLAs with the Canadian people. Encouraging all MP’s to join in order to make government more transparent…”



Venture Link: politwitter.ca

Source: Startupindex

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