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PocketSmith is a web based application that uses a calendar to forescast your financials. It brings you the ability to manage your money with a unique approach; the forecast calendar. PocketSmith is your web assistence to manage your cash flow. If you are a financial web service user, PocketSmith gives you an interesting tool to manage your budget.

Venture Slogan: Better budgeting with a calendar.

PocketSmith’s own description: “…PocketSmith is a web-based calendar that forecasts your future cash position…PocketSmith gives you the ability to see the future of your money, and to plan for what might happen. Predict what would happen if your car broke down. Find out what a pay raise would mean for your cash position. This knowledge allows you to hope for the best, but reliably plan for the worst. …”

“…Achieving your financial goals is what managing your money is all about. PocketSmith will tell you when you can make that next big purchase, or get away from it all on holiday, or repay that pesky credit card…Budgeting may not be a solo effort, but with PocketSmith, it’s easy to involve all those that matter: whether you’re a couple, family, or team. Simply assign a calendar to each individual or project – you can then combine them or view them separately…”



Venture link: pocketsmith.com

Source: Springwise

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