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Plurchase is a solution which helps you buy in your shop merchant site with the help of your friends. With Plurchase you can interact with others when you are buying online. It´s like a social network but only for buying. It´s an interesting idea to improve your buy experience.

Venture Slogan: Shop with friends.

Plurchase’s own description: “…Plurchase lets you shop at your favorite stores with your friends…”

“…Using plurchase, when you shop on a merchant site you’re actually connecting to that site through our custom proxy server. In a manner of speaking, it’s as if this proxy server has its own web browser that does whatever you do. When you click a link, you’re telling plurchase to click that link too. So the plurchase server will also see the result: a pair of furry purple slippers!! If you invited friends to shop with you, plurchase will immediately share this awesome find with them…”

“…This technology makes possible interesting forms of collaborative shopping. Besides sharing product info in different ways, like facebook or twitter, plurchase can also grow in more specialized directions. For example, if enough people want us to, we’ll create a tool for personal shopping, where one person first fills up a shopping cart then tells plurchase to pass ownership of it to someone else, who buys it…”



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