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Perfios is a web solution that helps you keep an eye on your personal finance. You can track all your transactions across different financial accounts to provide a view of your finance. With Perfios you can manage bank accounts, credit cards, mutual funds and equity in multiple institutions.

Venture Slogan: Perfios.

Perfios’s own description: “…Perfios’s MyFinance application can quickly provide a 360 degree view of your personal financial health. Keep track of all your personal finance transactions across various financial accounts…”

“…Perfios is a company that is introducing an innovative personal finance software application to manage personal finance in a Safe and Trusted environment and help users analyze and understand their personal finance in a simple, easy and secure way. Perfios was created by individuals who are backed by extensive years of experience in the software domain and are further backed by financial domain experts from various financial institutions…”

“…Perfios is for anyone who wishes to solve the problem of managing wealth distributed among various asset classes and among various institutions. If you have bank accounts, credit cards, Mutual Funds, Equity etc with multiple institutions, how often have you felt that – ‘what if all of this could be accessed at one place?’ Perfios addresses exactly this aspect (and more!) and provides access across asset classes on one platform and in the process takes care of your other worries too!…”



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One thought on “Perfios – Tracking your personal finance

  1. colin says:

    Promising idea, the challenge obviously will be getting people to trust one application with ALL of their financial information.

    I would not be surprised to see this application get purchased and then be re-offered/branded by a larger financial institution with the clout and the resources to overcome the trust factor.

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