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Penzu is an online application that helps you write your own personal diary. It´s a secure place to store your thoughts, events and ideas. Penzu is a simple solution focused on privacy, you can write your personal journal without worrying about spies.

Venture Slogan: Write in Private.

Penzu’s own description: “…Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal with a focus on privacy. Easily keep a secret diary of thoughts or a journal of notes and ideas secure and on the web…”

“…Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that is focused on privacy. With a unique and compelling user experience, it makes writing online as easy and intuitive as writing on a pad of paper…”

“…Penzu offers a secure place to store your thoughts and ideas in the cloud. Not only are entries password protected in an online account, but individual entries can be locked with military-grade encryption.With our powerful security also comes extreme ease of use. The core component of the interface is the Pad – a metaphor for a pad of paper. This universal design element has allowed Penzu to transcend language and cultural barriers as people from 170 countries continue to use our service. We have always made the user experience a top priority and it is one of our main differentiations from complicated and confusing competitors…”



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