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Patapage is a solution to add dynamic content to your site with widgets. Don’t feel lost when adding new features on your site, Patapage lets you improve it with simple widgets. Patapage helps you improve your site by adding dynamic content.

Venture Slogan: More options for your website users. In minutes.

Patapage´s own description: “…Our mission is to let the designer focus on design, by delegating additional services to Patapage…”

“…You have your beautifully designed static site. You can express fully your creativity with it, using html, JavaScript and Flash. Maybe one day you add some PHP functionality. You keep changing, adding, hacking and improving here and there. But then one day somebody explains you the “content management system” idea; all you wanted was a way to put news on the site, but somehow you get “converted”, and you make a tragic mistake: you set up a content management system, pay a load of money for the server and the software, and after a hard fight it almost works. Then you try to convert your beautiful web site in dynamic pages, and there the pain starts; what was before simple and immediate becomes cumbersome if not impossible…”

“…Patapage is a revolutionary alternative to all this; an alternative compatible with existing web sites, which allows you to add page-specific dynamic content even if your site is a simple static site. We take the pain out of managing contents of beautiful web sites…”

“…Patapage is perfectly compatible with the idea that web contents should be “pluggable”: you just have to progressively add features from Patapage on the same layout…”



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