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Paperlesspost is a service to send custom invitations and announcements as we used to do on paper but online. With PaperlessPost you can design, send, manage and monitor your sendings and invitations. PaperlessPost brings back the concept and feeling of post sending but in the internet time. Simple and easy to use.

Venture Slogan: Custom online stationer.

PaperlesspostĀ“s own description: “…At Paperless Post, we seek to redefine the tradition of paper stationery so that people can send custom, personalized invitations and announcements with the same thought and care as previous generations, but the way we communicate today: online….”

“…Paperless Post stationery is as tasteful as its tangible counterpart, but it also makes life simpler. In minutes, members can send out invitations for any occasion- dinner parties, anniversaries, save the dates – whenever they want to send something more personal than a simple email or awkward PDF. After sending, they can then monitor as guests receive and reply to their invitations…”

“…Paperless Post is not supported by advertisers so your invitations will always remain personal and free of pop-ups and ads. We believe that discretion is an integral part of good service, and will never abuse the privacy of our users and their guests by sending unsolicited mail or releasing their personal information….”



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