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Padmapper is a visual tool to search and find apartments. It’s an aggregating system that shows vacant apartments in a map. You can filter your search to eliminate listings that you are not interested in.

Venture Slogan: Padmapper.

PadmapperĀ“s own description: “…PadMapper is a web application that aims to make searching online for an apartment to rent less painful by letting you see where the apartments are on a big Google map, and using the filters located in the box on the lower left to eliminate listings that you’re not interested in…”

“…When I was hunting for an apartment, I found myself reading through lots of ads that each had some fatal flaw (usually related to location) which was really time consuming to find for each one…”

“…With PadMapper, you can rule out every place on Craigslist and PadMapper’s other sources (, and tons of sources via Oodle) that doesn’t match your location criteria at a glance. After that, PadMapper tries to put most of the relevant information in front of you so you can quickly decide whether you want to investigate further…”


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