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OurShelf is an online platform to organize and share your personal goods. You can add and catalog your stuff, label your collections and use the Firefox plugin to add items from other sites. Also, OurShelf brings you the possibility to interact with your friends to discover new items that interest you or discuss about your favorite things. OurShelf gives you the way to keep track of your fovorite stuff and organize it. OurShelf gives you a service that merges an online catalog platform with collaborative tools.

Venture Slogan: Your stuff. OurShelf.

OurShelf’s own description: “…OurShelf, as you can see, is a web-based platform to catalog your personal goods. It allows you to do this however in a social environment…”

“…OurShelf makes cataloging your personal goods, sharing them with friends, finding new items, and grouping around items easier…”



Venture link: ou.rshelf.com

Source: Techcrunch

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