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Oooferton is a Spanish e-commerce site which offers one-day limited sales. They have three sections of possible sales; electronics, home and fashion, so your chance to buy expired at the end of the day.

Venture Slogan: Oooferton.

Oooferton´s own description: “…We are the first live Spanish shopping portal, a new concept of online sales: a single product, one day selling it and at incredible prices!
An alternative to the traditional online shopping: a unique product offered in a short period of time (24 hours) with an attractive offer for the customer…”

“…If the offer meets the time or the product stocks run out, the offer expires and is no longer possible to buy the product. Ie you can only buy the product of supply when it is time (during the 24 hours that it lasts) and when there are stock (stock availability is marked on the page with the product)…”

”…Daily, between 00:00 hours and 23:59 hours OOOFERTON issued an offer of a product section with limited quantities. On the page you will see a clock that marks the countdown of the 24 hours and an indication of the percentage of stock.

“…While these units are not sold, the offer will continue during these 24 hours. If all units are sold before that time, or whether the 24 hours of validity of the offer, the offer ends.
Ie, you have 24 hours to buy before the end of the units…”



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