– New York City Agreggator is a site that aggregates information and news about New York City. You can send news and vote for other articles. shows you all the information about New York. You can share, discover, rate and write stories from New York City.

Venture Slogan: You choose what’s news in New York City.’s own description: “…We are a new kind of front page. One where you choose what each day’s headlines are…”

“..Everything that makes it to the front page has been shared and voted on by users. When you decide what’s on the front page, local news gets a little more interesting…”

“…Our goal is to connect bloggers, independent reporters and activists in different parts of the five boroughs, rewarding the best work by sending it traffic and increasing potential for impact. Community websites and forums (like, you know, blogs) make it easier for people to become involved in changing their area, but without networking with one another it is hard to maintain the kind of traffic and advertising revenue necessary for a sustainable website. We want to make it easier!…”

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