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Nuzart is an art marketplace. Thought the Nuzart site, artists have a chance to expose their work to the world. It´s like a huge online art gallery. Artists decide the amount suggests for their work and Nuzart will manage the interaction with the buyers.

Venture Slogan: A new way to exhibit, buy, sell and share talent.

Nuzart´s own descrition: “… is a place aimed at all artists, photographers, illustrators and painters, professionals or amateurs, who want to exhibit their artworks and sell a la carte reproductions, that means that customers will be able to decide on the size and the printing material for the artwork…”

”…allows artists to concentrate on developing their talent while we promote the artworks, manage the sales process, manufacture the artworks in different materials and displays and deliver worldwide . The artist only has to decide on the amount he wants to receive for each reproduction of his artwork.

”…And also, allows members of the community (artists and customers) to get in contact with each other to share experiences and knowledge or to judge and assess their works…”



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