Notifo – The Mobile Notifier


Notifo is a mobile solution that enables you to send notifications to your phone, as well as news, modification and infomation directly to your mobile. You can suscribe to the service and get the information that you want in real time.

Venture Slogan: Mobile Notifications for Everything.

Notifo´s own description: “…Notifo is a way for users to receive mobile notifications for anything. Services integrate with the Notifo API and send users notifications about events, announcements, whatever…”

“…If you are a User, you can subscribe to receive notifications from your favorite services that integrate with Notifo. On Notifo’s site you can set timers, send yourself messages, set stock alerts, and sign up for March Madness score alerts. More built-in services will be released in the near future…”

“…If you are a Service, you can integrate with Notifo’s API and start sending mobile notifications to your users within a few hours. No need to spend time or resources developing mobile applications just so you can reach your users!..”


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