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Notehall is a class document marketplace. You can easily buy supplemental study material and sell your class documents. You can find documents from your university class, narrowing  your search. You can interact with your classmates and discuss class topics.

Venture Slogan: Your source for classnotes.

Notehall’s own description: “…We strive to fulfill our mission of bringing classmates together in a virtual setting in hopes of enhancing the overall academic

success of college students nationwide. We aim to facilitate student success through applications that allow academic interaction among peers and the opportunity to seek supplemental materials for thorough comprehension of all required subject matters…”

“…We are also dedicated to ensuring an equal playing field for all students to make the most of their academic career by providing a forum accessible to all students for the free exchange of intellectual dialogue and information…”



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2 thoughts on “Notehall – Your class document marketplace

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  2. Tyler says:

    As a student who has purchased notes from I would highly recommend the site for struggling students or for students wishing to gain a second perspective on given lectures.

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