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Nextemployee is a marketplace to connect candidates and future employers. It’s a service that provides you the way to interact and connect with job seekers.

Venture Slogan: The employee marketplace.

Nextemployee´s own description: “…If you want to record your own interview online and then send it to employers or recruiters as a shortcut to help them select you ahead of others, this site is for you. is a FREE service during our Beta testing version. It is a web-based Employee Marketplace where candidates convert their interviews into a product that a recruiter or a company can shop for. For Companies it becomes an easy way shop for the Next Employee with pre-recorded Video Interviews…”

“… helps qualified candidates demonstrate their communications’ capabilities, and showcase their talent to employers and/or recruiters. From the Employer’s perspective, gives the employer the ability to go shopping, if you will, for the Next Employee, as soon as there is a need. This eliminates the need for posting a job opening and waiting for the qualified candidates to apply online…”


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