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NeedCube serves as a unified place for people to register their needs, no matter what the category of the needs are.

Venture Slogan: Find people who need your stuff or register your own.

NeedCube’s own description: “…NeedCube is a unified central place for people’s needs. Before NeedCube it was not possible to have one’s all needs registered at one single site. One had to find out the category of one’s need and search for the relevant ad / classified sites. This is over. You don’t have to bother with categories anymore…”

“…NeedCube is a unified central place for people’s needs. NeedCube is a keyword based engine which asks only five questions about one’s need: what, when, where, how many, for how much. The answers are tagged, indexed and stored in the database based on relevancy. One registers one’s all needs and the sellers may come and search for the stuff they have to offer and see if anyone needs the same thing. If there is a match, the transaction can be completed. NeedCube is focusing on the DEMAND side and not the supply. It is for the needs of people! Seller could come and find people who need their stuff! Seller can also subscribe to specific keywords that is relevant to their offer. If there is a new need registered to NeedCube that matches any keyword subscribed, the seller will get an instant notification of the need…”



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