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MyIdea4CA is a site to share your ideas about what to do in California. It´s a government site that brings you the possibility of sharing and post your thoughts about what to do in California. MyIdea4CA works with Twitter and you can share your ideas by posting with #myidea4ca hashtag.

Venture Slogan: A Twitter Forum for Sharing & Discussing Ideas to Move California Forward.

MyIdea4CA´s own description: “…Governor Schwarzenegger launched the website for Twitter users to share and discuss their ideas to move California forward. The MyIdea4CA Twitter Forum was initiated to extend a popular conversation that began in June of 2009 on Twitter when Governor Schwarzenegger called for public participation for new ideas on the state budget…”

“…This discussion created one of Twitter’s most discussed trending topics with its use of the #myidea4ca hashtag. With the creation of the use of the #myidea4ca hashtag has now been expanded to include eighteen categories over a vast range of issues from transportation to state parks. centralizes the Twitter conversation by indexing the #myidea4ca tweets so they can be searched, sorted, and ranked and extends the conversation by allowing users to vote and add comments…”



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