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MyContextualAds is an advertisement technology to serve contextual ads. If you want to try it, log in and paste the code in your site as you do with other contextual ad technologies. They use the cost per action model and it is not compatible with Adsense but you can turn off the contextual engine to make it compatible with the Google ads.

Venture Slogan: Serve contextual ads from de marketplace.

MyContextualAds´s own description: “…Understanding the context and the human intent – that’s the philosophy that drives us. At, we know that your site visitors will most likely only respond to ads that are related to the content of your site. That’s why our ads are only pertinent and applicable to your site’s content – and every HTML page where our Java Script code is embedded features only appropriate ads that make your site more user-friendly – which equals more earnings potential for you.

”…The technology behind the services that offers is so sophisticated and state-of-the-art that we are in the process of getting a patent for it! uses semantic, statistical, and linguistic algorithms to analyze content, extracting and ranking keywords to match them to the most relevant products on the Marketplace and delivering contextual ads that are served on your website or blog…”



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